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Seeing in the Darkness

Life can seem dark at times, but in any circumstance God gives the light that will allow us to see. Each of these sessions will look at a passage of Scripture that shows a dark time as well as God’s light in the midst of those circumstances. We don’t have to concede to the darkness. We may not be able to change all of life’s circumstances, but we can change what we see and how we live in the midst of them.

The Ride of Your Life

Life is often compared to roller coasters—lots of ups and downs. In my growing up years, my father gave me a great piece of advice about riding roller coasters that fits very well with God’s advice for life. Come join us as we look at God’s Word and learn how to actually enjoy the ride of your life. This single-session study will look at in Psalm 37. A multi-session study will include passages such as 1 Corinthians 9, 2 Chronicles 20, and Joshua 3-4.

Watch How You Walk

This three-session grouping is a study in Galatians 5-6. God has given us freedom in Jesus Christ and has provided some help in this “walk.” It is a walk of faith, and these two chapters will help us understand how we can do more than just survive with one another, but rather to walk with each other as God has intended.

What a Love!

The word “love” is definitely used many ways today. To some extent, it’s possible that we have lost some understanding of God’s love because we use it so easily. God’s love is indeed an extraordinary love. This study in Ephesians 2 will help us see its object, depth, and purpose. (A single- session. This session can be grouped with WHAT A LIFE!)

What a Life!

This life that we have been given is a gift. God has given us new life but also the power to live it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go through life in neutral. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 gives us four qualities we should possess in life to really live. (A single session. This session can be grouped with WHAT A LOVE!)

Come as You Are

Several places in Scripture God calls us to “come.” He is not wanting us to fix our lives first, but to come, as we are. This multiple-session series looks at several passages and studies reasons why we should “come.”

Faith...It Does the Body Good

This multiple session title is a study of Galatians 5-6. God has not left us to “do life” alone; He has placed us in a “body.” But living with others in the body isn’t always easy. Paul explains that it is our faith that should be making a difference in our interactions and then give examples of what and how this can become reality.

Courageous Faith

Courageous faith. Those words bring to mind pictures of Old Testament heroes like Daniel with a group of sealed-lip lions, three men standing in the prehistoric tanning bed, or a young girl approaching a king at the risk of her own life. When you think of “courageous faith” are you a part of your mental picture? You should be. We’ll look at one group of people who faced a situation where they could have easily backed away. How they showed their faith can help us face what we encounter today with courage. This single- or multi-session will look at some of the ingredients that can help us face what we encounter today with courage.

Have Your Faith and Live It Too!

We are not called to shy away from doing what is right, but rather live life with the certainty that God is in control and leave the details up to Him. We are to be holy…to pursue holiness…and not back away from it or avoid it. These sessions from 1 Peter are designed to help us want to indulge in holiness, by indulging in God Himself—His character, His blessing and His grace.

A Heart Like His

David was described by God Himself as being “a man after my own heart.” As believers we also want to be characterized as wanting what He wants. This multiple-session study looks at several passages that help us understand what that “heart” might look like or include.

Results of a Focused Life

God’s work in our lives is a sure thing. Sometimes it is bigger than others and sometimes it is more obvious than others, but it certainly does happen…and it is happening. God is not trying to hide His work, yet there are times when we miss it. Joshua 3-4 gives us insight into God’s call for us to pay attention. God is moving. C’mon…I’ll show you!

Grace Beyond Belief

This multiple-session study of Titus 2 is both encouraging and challenging. Paul makes it clear that God’s grace is indeed beyond belief, and I think most of us would agree with that. But there’s more. This passage also explains what grace looks like, does, and teaches us once we have believed.

Session 1: The Way of Grace 
Is your life, your future, based on fact or fiction? This session will take a look at Titus 2:1-15 and 1 Cor 15 and the importance of grace in our lives. This grace is our reason, and gives us purpose. It is complete and all inclusive and it gives salvation.

Session 2: The Walk of Grace
Do you have a favorite teacher? In Titus 2:11-15 Paul talks of the instruction of grace in our lives. If we are good learners we should gain three “L’s” from God’s grace that will make a difference in our daily lives.

Session 3: The Work of Grace
Did you know God sees you as valuable—not because of who or what you are but because of Him. Through Jesus I not only have an identity, but also a purpose. Titus 2:11-3:8 unfolds God’s purpose for our lives and calls us to respond.

Living in the Reality of Grace

We are not called to shy away from doing what is right, but rather live life with the certainty that God is in control and leave the details up to Him. We are to be holy…to pursue holiness…and not back away from it or avoid it. These sessions from 1 Peter are designed to help us want to indulge in holiness, by indulging in God Himself—His character, His blessing and His grace.

Session 1: God’s Grace is Purposeful
Do you want to indulge in life?! It may not always be easy. It may never be easy. But because of God’s grace I can have hope, and that hope should be the foundation for my living. This session looks at 1 Peter 1:3-9. God’s grace produces hope—for my future, and for my now—and that hope is demonstrated in faith.

Session 2: My Hope Should Make a Difference
God is calling us to see HIM more clearly, to know HIM. He does not call us to do something we cannot. Rather He has given us His Spirit to empower and enable us. We are called to be holy! And what He’s really saying is know ME more and it will show in your life. This session looks at 1 Peter 1:13-21 and gives perhaps a different look at holiness—its preparation, our call to it, and the reality of it.

Session 3: Holy Living is Possible 
1 Peter 5:5-11 gives some clarity as to what a life of grace, a life of holiness, should look like. The emphasis has never been on the hardships, though Peter recognized and acknowledged them. The emphasis has been on God’s role, God’s control and our future hope…all because of God’s grace.

Getting a Grip on Reality

Our lives seem overloaded at times with information, appointments, fulfilling expectations, relationships, caring for needs,…and that’s the beginning. What’s most important, or how to deal with all the pressures, can get lost in the shuffle. These sessions are designed to redirect our thinking and get back to the foundational truth that will enable us to deal with life well.

Session 1: Three Basic Realities
God has called us to a life of faith, but what does it really take to walk by faith? Verses in Hebrews 10 and 11 tell us just what we need to know. God has spelled it out for us—if we want to seek Him there are some definite “have-to-haves” we need to pay attention to.

Session 2: Making Sense of Your Reality
The book of Ecclesiastes is a great resource of wisdom when it comes to living wisely in this world. In this session we will establish five principles from the book that will help us make the most of the time we have here on earth.

Getting Some R & R

Philippians 3:1-16 and 3:17-4:9: These two sessions deal with Four Things We Should Know, and Reviving Our Walk. They are adaptable, as are most of the other sessions.

Session 1
There are times in life when we just need to do a little “house-cleaning” to clear away all the extra “stuff” and get back to what is most important. With so many demands on our time (both good and bad) it is easy to loose sight of the basics. I believe we can glean from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, what he knows to be true and what we should hold as the “need to know’s” for our lives as well.

Session 2
Each individual has their own walk. As Christians we also have a “walk” that should identify us. We can gain some insight into some of those identifiers from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Love Has Won

John uses the word “love” many times in his writings of the NT, but there is another word used frequently…the Greek word, “nikeo” (this is the root of the word Nike). It means to triumph, conquer, victory, or overcome. Many time we don’t put “winning” and “love” together but John does. Love is HOW I win. It is the foundation for my living. These two sessions look at what John says about love, its connection to “winning,” and what that means for my life.

Session 1: Love is Greater! (1 John 2)

Session 2: Because I am Loved…(1 John 3-4)

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