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Author and speaker, Sherrie Holloway, grew up in a home where going to church was “the norm.” Even though she went to church regularly, there is one particular Sunday night that stands out in her mind as a most important one. A singing group was visiting their church and it was that night she understood her need for a Savior. Though she had been a “good” child it was not enough for God’s standards. Only Jesus could take away her sin and give her the surety that she would be in heaven one day. That night Sherrie surrendered her heart to Jesus.

Sherrie grew up in South Jersey and enjoys the Jersey shore, Philadelphia pretzels, and chicken cheese steaks when she gets the chance. She is the oldest of 4 children and has 17 nieces and nephews that she loves to spoil. Unfortunately, her siblings and their families live too far away for that to happen often. She is grateful for the godly heritage passed down from her grandparents and parents.

Sherrie attended college at Clarks Summit University (formerly Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Clarks Summit, PA). It was there that God began to grow in her a passion for His Word. During her time studying one night, she was challenged to truly believe what she was studying. She determined that night to live her life entirely for God—no holds barred. Today she uses the words, “like crazy” to describe her passion for life.

Currently, Sherrie is a Professor in the Health and Human Performance department at Clarks Summit University. She is a teacher through and through and loves connecting with her students both in and out of the classroom. After finishing twenty years of coaching women’s basketball at CSU, she stepped away from coaching in 2007. “Athletics was a great avenue to help teach my girls about life. I was privileged to have had the opportunity to coach, and I stepped away because I believe God directed me in that path. I don’t know what He has in store, but I’m sure HE does.”

Sherrie enjoys reading, good coffee, good conversation (especially with the good coffee!), being outdoors in the summer, quiet times with God, music, and doing almost anything with good friends.

She published her first book, For the Love of God, in May 2013. In her book she walks her readers through Ephesians 2 and I Corinthians 9 helping them to get a glimpse of the life that can be lived because of God’s love. The book is available online at

Sherrie is a gifted communicator of God’s Word and is committed to teaching the truth of the Word and allowing God’s Spirit to use it in the lives of its hearers. She enjoys helping those to whom she is speaking see His Word in a fresh way. It is the Word that changes people, nothing else. Jesus compared His words to a wellspring in John 4. He said that His Word in us would be like a spring of living water that wells up within us. Sherrie shares from that very overflow in her as she speaks. Her desire is that her listeners would find the overflow of Jesus in their own hearts.

Sherrie speaks to many different groups and uses each opportunity to teach God’s Word in a way that is straightforward, challenging, and easy to understand.


God has used many people in Sherrie’s life to make her more like her Savior—teachers who challenged her to think while reading the Word, rather than just look over the words with the brain in neutral, friends who aren’t afraid to ask hard questions, and who share the same passion for God’s Word and ministry.

Music is a marvelous tool. God surely knew how powerful it was when He created it. It is a language of the soul that allows us to express beauty and emotion as we interact with what we hear. It was through music that Sherrie realized the possibility to live all of life passionately. Because music is so expressive, Sherrie would love to be able to do it…well, but since that is not the area in which God has blessed her, she has come to realize that she can do what God has called her to do with just as much passion.

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