God’s Word is meant to be explored and searched. God wants us to know Him and what He has written. Here are some ways you can enhance your studying:

First, pray. The Bible is God’s Word. He wrote it and it is what His Spirit uses to “speak” to us. I cannot know what it means without His Spirit helping me. Read with a humble spirit and the intention to obey what you read.

Next, is the Bible itself. Get a translation that is understandable but also one that will help you study what the original language said, not just a paraphrase, or someone’s thoughts on what the text says. Those have their place and can be helpful, in the process, but for in-depth study it’s important to have a reliable, understandable translation. I use the Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible, New American Standard Version, AMG Publishers.

Other books to help in your studying of the Word:
Strong’s Concordance
Holman Bible Dictionary

Here are some online resources that may be useful for your study:

A few books to help give you basic “how-to’s” of inductive (don’t let that word scare you!) Bible study:

How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur
How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, by Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart

Thirdly, I want to suggest you find someone with whom you can talk about what you are reading and learning. Ask a friend, or someone you respect and would like to get to know better, to help you think through what God is teaching you. It doesn’t have to be anything “formal” but just some time to talk, listen and pray about what you are reading.

And now…all that’s left is to actually do it!

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